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Prado workers raising tall pole

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  • Bill McLauhglin

    These workers are raising a large jib crane to aid in the construction of the Balboa Administration Building. The construction of the new housing in the town of Balboa and the El Prado are seen below and in distance. Very nice capture in time.

  • John Schmidt ( BHS 50 )

    Can’t tell you when but this is the raising of one of the flag poles at the Administration Building in Balboa. You can see the Prado and Sosa Hill in the backgrouind

  • Nina Brown Kosik

    Probably 1914. It would later be replaced by a gigantic representative boulder taken from Culebra/Gaillard Cut. The boulder was then placed at the original Visitors’ Center at Miraflores Locks & two flagpoles erected at this Admin Bldg site. Today, there is only one again.

  • Edie

    A flagstaff on which to display the American flag stood at the center front of the Administration Building. Constructed of reinforced concrete, it was positioned at the head of the stair from the terrace to the Prado town site; Mario Schiavoni, assistant to Austin W. Lord exclusively designed it for the project.

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