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S.S. “Ancon” at the north Pier, Gatun Locks

Recently we have been discovering more photographs of the S.S. Ancon in the Panama Canal Museum Collection. We are hoping that you could expand our knowledge about this ship. Do you have any stories or memories involving this ship? Do you know someone who has seen or sailed on this ship before?

If you have any information or stories about this ship, please share your knowledge with us in the comments section!



  • Rod Brayton

    I can not decern the steamship’s name. The ship is approaching the walls and chamber of one of the locks.. Most importantly as the collection photographs will reveal with all todays technology, the man in the row is still a vital link in the transit ships. Somebody still needs to row out to the ship to the retrieve the line that hauls the towing locomotives cables aboard.

  • Joan Ohman

    The Ancon made the first transit of the Canal, 8/15/14! This picture shows the beginning of her southbound transit. She was one of three ships (Ancon, Panama, Cristobal) of the Canal fleet used to transport goods to/from the United States.

  • Joanne E Robinson

    I was told that my Mother, Marian (Dolly) Allen Steiner was five years old when she was on the the first ship (the Ancon)  that transited the Panama Canal.  Fact of fiction, who knows? Joanne Steiner Robinson


  • Malcolm Stone

    The north end of Gatun Locks is not a pier it a center wall or approach wall. I s the same for all locks.

  • Malcolm Stone

    The SS Ancon is just entering the jaws of Gatun Locks, west side, at the sea level entrance. The wall on the ship’s port (left) side is known as the approach wall; it is not a pier.

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