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  • Fred Sill

    Nice to see Santa Ana plaza featured. The church facing the plaza, barely seen through the trees, was built (1700s?) to serve the community which lived in the area outside the city walls — workers, slaves, farmers, etc. — who only went into the city during daylight hours, having to leave before the gates were closed for the night. During the French canal effort, many of the workers lived in the area, which meant stores, bars, and later, the first movie houses. Even now, the area is more commercial than the Cathedral Plaza, about five blocks farther down Central Avenue. Gone, alas, is the wonderful “French Bazaar” facing Santa Ana plaza, where one would find Wedgewood dinner services, Baccarat crystal, porcelain figurines, and (my favorite as a kid) little mechanical birds with real feathers, each in its gilded cage, which would sing, if the saleslady was nice enough to wind them up.

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