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“Say giddyap!”


Please help us learn more about this cartoon clipping.2000.024.044B_0001


What newspaper or magazine is this clipping from? When was it published? Could you confirm that it was published in Colliers during the February of 1939?

Have you seen this cartoon before? Have you ever collected cartoons or newspaper clippings in Panama?

If you have any information about this clipping, please share with us in the comments section!


  • Carol Meyer

    Obviously a joke on calling the locomotives “mules”. On smaller canals live mules were used to guide boats through canals and in CZ we always called the locomotives by the same name. I can’t verifiy source.

    • Malcolm Stone

      Yes Carol, you are right. They were called “mules” for many years, As time went by they were called locomotives, especially when the 600 class of locomotives arrived from Japan in the early sixties.

  • Malcolm Stone

    I recall a time when a Gatun “mule” operator was criticized by a pilot on the ship he was working with.
    Not liking what was said he jumped out the rear door and beat the mule with a stick for not going faster.

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