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School children at lunch

The caption on this photograph tells us that this was taken in the Ancon Clubhouse.


Can you identify anyone photographed?

What are your memories of lunch time as a child?

Please share with us in the comments section below!


    • John Schmidt ( BHS 50 )

      I feel rather certain I recognize several of the boys. I can’t put a name to them but I feel they are a grade school era of when we were in =High School.

  • Bob Zumbado BHS 1955

    In the 1940s and 1950s the Balboa and Ancon Clubhouses did, in fact, offer cafeteria lunch sevice for school kids. I brown bagged my school lunch but on occasion ate at the Balboa school lunch cafeteria on the second deck…hamburger 20 cents and a small bottle of chocolate milk for another 20 cents. While many faces in this photograph are familiar I can put a name to only one. At about the center of the photo in the second row down from the top, I’m almost certain that the boy with glasses, big ears and teeth showing is James Thomas Ford. Tommy is a graduate of BHS Class of 1955 and a finer gentleman you will never meet if you had the good fortune of knowing Tommy. He owned and operated several businesses in Panama over the years and has been known for his philantrophic works in helping the poor and particularly children in need of medical help. He and his wife Julee still live in Panama.

  • Diane French

    I have no idea where this would be as I never ate at school on the Pacific Side. Must of been on the Atlantic Sidee as I think they had a cafteria in their school. I always rode home on a school bus at lunch time and then they would bring us back for afternoon school session. This was from fourth grade to when I graduated from Balboa High School.

  • Rupert S. Turner jr.

    The caption below the photo clearly states that it was taken on Jan 28th 1949 at the Ancon
    Clubhouse. The Pacific Side.
    I have no memory of a Clubhouse in Ancon. I was born in 1946… and by the time I reach the
    age of these pictured school kids… that Clubhouse was probably history.
    Note.: Chick on the photo… and you’ll be able to zoom in.
    Detail: The black object in the foreground seems to be there to cover a “hole?” in the tile work.

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