Object of the Day

Seal of The Canal Zone Isthmus of Panama

We have found more sports related objects in our collection and are hoping to learn about them. Can you help us identify this medal?

What school and/or event is this medal from? When and where was this medal handed out? Was it part of an award ceremony?

Who did they give these medals out to?

Have you ever owned one? Have you participated in a swimming competition in Panama? Was swimming a popular sport in Panama?

If you have any information about this swimming medal, please share with us in the comments section!


  • Kristi

    My great grandfather participated in aquatic competitions in the Canal Zone in the 1910s. From what I’ve read in the Canal Record, the aquatic competitions were often held each Labor Day and July 4th. The Canal Record said that swimming was very popular and a great number of the children in the Canal Zone could swim. Aquatic competitions also included fancy diving, swimming relay races, and long-distance swims. According to the Canal Record, medals were given out to the top 3 or 4 competitors.

  • Taylor

    I own one of these, which I acquired in the 4th grade for winning an essay contest on the Panama Canal. Unfortunately I do not have any information regarding what it was awarded for, although I am curious to know as well. I’ve held onto it all these years and have searched for information with no success.

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