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It’s Christmas Eve everyone! This photograph has a little holiday cheer; we know this was the Balboa High School Christmas Sing in 1954.


Did you attend this Christmas sing?

Did Balboa High School do this every year?

Please share with us in the comments section below!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!


  • Nina Brown Kosik

    Clik to enlarge & you can ID some faces. Far right, back row, 3d from the end is me; the blonde may be Jane Jennison. The pianist looks like Mary Rose, assisted by Judy Lihndsay (blonde). The maestro conducting is, of course, Vic Herr, to whom we dedicated the 1955 Zonian. In addition, note the patterned shirt worn by an attendee — seems to be that beautiful Guatemalan fabric that isn’t seen much any more.

  • Diane French

    In my day in high school which was in the early 60’s and graduated 63 we didn’t do this like in 54. Our Christmas singing was held by music teacher Mr. Vic Herr. Every year of my high school years he would have a Christmas choir to perform at the new building across the street from the school behind the fire station. These Christmas programs were outstanding as he spent a lot of time practicing for them. Ia was in couple of them. I was also Mr. Herr’s secretary for four years. He give me this job to give me extra credit to help me.

  • Joe Wood

    This event was the 34th annual Christmas Musicale presented on the front lawn of Balboa High School, in December, 1954, performed by the 200-member Balboa High School chorus and the BHS orchestra under the direction of Mr. Victor A. Herr, music teacher at Balboa High. My participation included playing the Timpani and xylophone as part of the BHS orchestra and am shown in this photo standing off to the right of Mr. Herr’s shoulder. The “soldiers” standing guard were students in the Balboa High School ROTC (Reserved Officers Training Corp) and served mainly as ushers and crowd control. The Christmas performances could be held outdoors in December because that was usually the beginning of the dry season and the chances of rain were minimal. Later, after the new auditorium was built across the street from the high school, the concerts were moved indoors.

  • Bob Zumbado BHS 1955

    I agree with Nina Brown Kosik and Joe Wood. This was the 1954 Christmas program and it was an annual event. Although I don’t see myself in the photo, I introduced each number the band and chorus performed. Vic Herr prepared the intro for each number and gave me 3 X 5 cards with the introductory words to read. On his cue I would stand and read his cards into a microphone and sit back down. I think the program may hve been aired over the Armed Forces Radio Station. The first introduction was of the overall program and Mr. Herr’s card referred to our location as the “verdant green campus of Balboa High School. etc.”

    I asked him, “Isn’t ‘verdant green’ redundant? Can I just say green, or verdant or maybe tropical? Of course, I was instructed to read the card as typed….not being rebellious, I did:)!!

    To me, the highlight of this event was when classmate Jimmy McKewon, Jr., sang the solo from the balcony…a beautiful baritone rendition of “The Holy City.” Joe, Nina, do you recall that?…or am I cho-cho!

  • Doris Ehrman Monaco (BHS 1955)

    I remember gathering in the Library to be sorted out who we were to stand next to and then walking down the stairs in the dark out unto the steps whispering and being shushed by teachers who were in charge of this part of the evening..
    Also remember we girls wearing dresses made of “cheesecloth” with a white rope like belt. Real simple opening for head and opening for arms while the boy only needed to wear shirts and probably dark slacks, tie and shoes.
    But to my ears today when I hear a Christmas carol I remember how beautiful we sounded!

  • Bob Zumbado, BHS 55

    Bob Zumbado again! I remember being honored to get the assignment to introduced each number off of Vic Herr’s 3X5 cards. In retrospect, maybe Vic was just reducing the baritone section by one!!!

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