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Senior Tug-of-War

We have this interesting photograph of a tug-of-war competition, but there is no record of what high school this took place at. Can you help us identify what school this might have taken place at or the people in the photograph?


What memories do you have from your senior year? Did you high school also participate in a “Senior Tug-of-War”? Please share with us in the comments section below!


  • Nina Brown Kosik

    BHS 55 initiated Senior Skip Day by heeding off to Cerro Azul & Goofy Lake for the day. We returned in time for the Tug-o-War, which the Seniors won, of course. In later years, BHS authorized the Skip Day, but with school permission, it was just a free day & not quite the same as defying school authorities.

  • Joanne Steiner Robinson (195l graduate BHS)

    Young man at front of left rope looks like Sam Maphis of Balboa H.S. 1951?

  • Bob Zumbado

    The line of trees left of the tug of war group and student body appears to be the banyans lining Roosevelt Ave., if so that then is Balboa High School late post WW II …40’s judging by attire of students….just guessing.

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