Object of the Day

Supply Department

We know this photograph was taken in the 1950s.


Did you or someone you knew work for the supply department?  Can you help us identify anyone in this photograph?

If so, please be sure to share your knowledge with us in the comments section below!


  • Diane Sparks French

    My father worked for Supply division for many years in Mount Hope and then transferred to Balboa Commissary.until he retired from the Panama Canal. Before he worked for the Supply Division in Mount Hope he was a butcher at Margarita Commissary. All this is from 1943 to 1971. Years he worked in the Canal Zone. At the end of his career he was ordering food for commissaries on the Canal Zone. I don’t know if it was for all on the Pacific and Atlantic sides or just the Pacific Side. He use to meet the ships coming from the United States to check out the food he ordered. Remember him ordering peaches and they were bruised badly in shipment and got oranges from the interior for the commissary.

  • Ricardo Philps

    My grandfather was a butcher at the commissary division at Mount Hope. He worked from 1930 thru the 1960’s. He would have been in his fifties at the time that picture was taken. The 14th man (from left to right) in the back row has a striking resemblance to my grandfather.

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