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The Cathedral Plaza, Panama

Unfortunately we do not have much information on this record, please help us add more!


When do you think this photograph was taken?

What memories do you have of this location?

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  • Doris Ehrman Monaco (BHS 1955)

    Cathedral Plaza in what is now known as El Casco has gone thru many changes over the years.
    To the right there seems to be a wooden gazebo. I my time it was concrete with doric pillars. Los Bomberos us to play music in the evenings. Spend many happy days there. The street directly infront of the Park is the road where my Father’s family lived. It is not a very long street and on the left
    hand side pushed back off the street is where the National Theater is. The building to the left right
    by the park obscured by the trees is the Hotel Central.

  • Kelly Karst

    This is the Main plaza for Panama City in Casco Viejo which is known as Plaza Catedral or Plaza de la Indepencia as this was where Independence from Colombia was declared (aka the celebration party). The view seems to be from the Church steps. This is the Main Church of Panama called La Igelsia Metropolitana.

    The Panama Canal Museum (Museo del Canal) is off this plaza which also has many Canal Zone artifacts. =)

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