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Parade Colon 1952

The object record indicates that this photograph was taken on Memorial Day in 1952.


Is this how you remember the Memorial Day parades?  What are your specific memories of celebrating Memorial Day in Panama and the Canal Zone?


If there is anything you think should be added to this photograph’s record, please share it with us in the comments section below!


  • Malcolm Stone

    I believe these are Bomberos (firefighters) . The men in uniforms in the front would be Bombero
    Officers and in the rear are firefighters dressed in their red shirts, white pants and black boots. These are formal Panamanian firefighters dress uniforms. The parade is on Broadway in Colon.

  • Peggy Huff

    I’m quite sure the gentlemen in the foreground are Canal Zone firefighters; the bomberos are farther back in red and white uniforms. My dad was a firefighter; I have a photo of the Gamboa station crew in the 1950s and they were wearing the same gray pants with their ties tucked into their shirts. Our CZ firemen also participated in the Canal area holiday parades.

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