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Two Baseball Players

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Do you recognize the two men photographed?

Who did they play for?

What trophy are they holding?

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  • Joe Wood

    Ed Napoleon (left) and Herb Raybourne (right) were outstanding baseball players for the Balboa High School Bulldogs, graduating in 1955. Herb went on to become a major league scout, with his most important “signing” being the greatest relief pitcher of all time, Mariano Rivera of the New York Yankees; and Ed was a major league coach for many years with the New York Yankees, Cleveland Indians and other teams. The trophy is the 1954 championship trophy presented by the Abou Saad Temple Shriners to Balboa HIgh School for winning the baseball team title in the Canal Zone Interscholastic League. The photo was taken at the Balboa Stadium, with the Canal Zone Junior College and the Balboa Jr. High schools in the background.

  • Bob Zumbado BHS 1955

    As others have said, Eddie Napoleon and Herbie Raybourne BHS class of 1955. Two nicer gentlemen you could never meet. Among the teams Eddie coached in the major leagues were the Houston Astros then managed by Ed Howe. When he was with the Astros, my wife and I went to one of their spring training games in Kissemee, Fl, in the late 80s or early 90s. I hadn’t seen Eddie since 1955. I jumped onto the ballfield next to Ed Howe and asked him if I could say “Hi” to my classmate Ed Napoleon. Howe, graciously didn’t eject me from the ball field, instead he sent someone to get Eddie from where he was hitting fungos (practice flyballs) to the outfielders, pregame. Howe asked me about Eddie in high school and I told him that Eddie not only played baseball but his senior year he ran track and played football. I related the story that the first time Eddie got his hands on a football in a game his senior year in BHS, he ran some 60 yards for a touchdown. Howe, grinning, glared at me in disbelief and said, ” (Expletive), did Eddie pay you to come down and tell me that story?” Moments later Marguerite and I had a few laughs and abrazos with Eddie by the dugout and Ed Howe, I think believed our story…which is true.

    Bob and Marguerite Zumbado

  • Nina Brown Kosik

    BHS 55 is well represented above, and I am another. Just to add to Bob’s BHS story — Eddie & Herbie were super popular & excelled in multiple sports, so they were our class’ Most Athletic & Runner Up. In addition, Eddie was our Class President when we were Freshmen pups.

  • Diane French

    I reconized Herbie right away on the right side. What a great guy!!!! Have a good story about him, but not sure I want to share. He was so good looking and a very nice person. Wasn’t this for BHS. Herbie was probably eight years older then me, but knew him from my girlfriends sister. Later he was a coach at my high school.

  • Don Morton

    Wonderful photo of two of my favorite people and team mates at BHS. Herbie caught for me and Eddie played multiple positions. Both outstanding individuals and players. Picture brings back many fond memories of BHS and my ex-team mates. A big thanks to whomever posted this very nostalgic picture.

  • Don Morton

    P.S. I still have the hat that Nap and Herbie (and myself) wore when playing for BHS. Go Bulldogs. If anyone wants the hat, it is available for someones collection.

  • Julie Fusco

    The gentleman (Don Morton) had a baseball hat they wore when playing ball-If able to get in touch I am sure Nap’s Steve Napoleon would love the hat with Nappie’s momentos-Steve Napoleon c/o The Napoleon family 1312 73rd street NW Bradenton,Florida 34209.It might ease the pain of Nap’s passing for his family.

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