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Vessels in Panama Canal

Our records indicate that this photograph is of the Dredging Division in Gamboa.


When might this photograph have been taken?

What can you tell us about the Dredging Division in Gamboa?

Please share with us in the comments section below!


  • Malcolm Stone

    This is a bulk cargo vessel making a southbound transit, It has a tugboat on the stern to assist as needed while passing through the cut.. It is passing the Dredging Division barge docking and just about passing the Gamboa Bridge. The bridge is for one-way traffic and also has a railroad tracks alongside the road.. Vehicle traffic is controlled by traffic lights. The river above the bridge is the Chagres River and in the distance you can see Madden Lake. Madden Lake is the reservoir for maintain Gatun Lake.
    Gamboa was the site for all Canal dredging work. To the right of the ship is a mooring area for two ships in case of fog or traffic conditions. Alongside the west bank is a Dredging Division drilling barge. The ship is about to enter Gaillard Cut. Gamboa had housing for U.S. and local rate employees.. Gamboa had a commissary, a post office, a small clubhouse an elementary school and a Union Church. Gamboa was about a thirty minute drive from Balboa.

    • Lance Terrell

      This photo must be from the 1960’s or so because many of the quarters in Santa Cruz are torn down, as is the Gamboa Clubhouse.

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