Object of the Day

White tents

We don’t have much information on this object. Please help us add more!


What can you tell us about these tents?

Who lived in them?

Where might this photograph have been taken?

Please share with us in the comments section below!


  • Joe Wood

    Not sure they are tents. They look more like small wooden structures with awnings. Perhaps used as residences. Hard to tell where or when this photo was taken.

  • Malcolm Stone

    I cannot identify the background, there are overhead wires and I wonder if this housing(?) is medically related. Windows are set for quick closing.

  • Luis Celerier

    This does not look like El Valle to me, the mountains are not familiar. There seems to be a small park on the extreme left of the tents, something El Valle did not have, and the road seems to have gutters by the tents which, again, no street in El Valle had.

  • Fred Sill

    Just a thought. Could they perhaps be temporary structures at the U.S. military airport at Chame, which was operating during WW2, between Bejuco and Nueva Gorgona? The bare foothills in the background look like ones one drove past along the turnoff leading up to El Valle.

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