Panama Railroad

Old Box Car Bodies Used as Living Quarters

The image featured today is another 1910 government photograph that focuses on the relocation of the Panama Railroad. The reuse and repurposing of materials in constructing living quarters to accommodate the large workforce is something that is seen in quite a few images documenting the Construction Era, in both official photographs and informal snapshots.

What can you tell us about the railroad relocation project from 1910 or about this image in particular? We would also love to hear any recollections about ancestors who might have worked for the Panama Railroad or who worked on the relocation project.

Celebrating 160 Years of the Panama Railroad (1855-2015)

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  • Diane L.. French

    There wasn’t many quarters for workers in those days. Margarita was a fairly new town when I was born so this is when they started getting more houseing during my day.

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