Stories from The Zone

Oral Histories

If you are interested in listening to stories from the Canal Zone, as told by the people who lived there, you will want to check out the collection of fabulous oral histories we have in the Panama and the Canal Digital Library Collection.


Click here to browse the collection of oral histories


You just may find a recording from a friend or relative– and maybe hear a story you’ve never heard before!






  • RoyBlades

    My mother once told me a story.after Pearl Harbor the Canal Zone was on high state of air raid siren was on Ancon hill facing a big megaphone? she said somebody who dint know what that was for.started cranking the siren.this was amplified.and all hell broke rushed to their anticraft positions,started firing in the air the Navy ships in the harbor rushing to get Panama City panic.they tought the enemy was attacking Panama.i wonder if that was urban legend?.

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