Attention Co-Curators: Boy Scout Photos

Good Morning Curators!

For your second assignment, we would like you to take a look at these images and see what memories they spark about your time as a Boy Scout in the Canal Zone.

  • What do these photos remind you of?
  • Are you (or someone you know) IN any of these photos?
  • We see some of the boys in are uniform, and some are not– what are your memories of when and why you wore your scouting uniform?
  • There are some big knapsacks pictured here– what kinds of things did you carry?

Any memory inspired by these images can be used to help us tell the story of scouting in the Canal Zone and may be used as an exhibit label, so please be sure to include your name!

Stay tuned for more projects to come…



  • Bill McLaughlin

    It appears the top and bottom pictures were taken on the same day. At first, I thought the photos were taken out on the Amador Causeway but the direction is wrong. That is definitely Ancon Hill in the distance and after closer study, the other hill to the right is Sosa. I believe these two photos are taken from Rodman Naval Station. Some the scouts have sailor hats on which leads me to believe they are Sea Scouts on a mission with actual Navy personnel doing the training. The scouts may be going on a long hike with heavy backpacks for effect and/or camping gear to use after their hike.

    The middle photo is of course at the Gamboa Train station. Lots of scouting events took place at the train station as it was kind of like the center hub of town. Other photos have been posted in the past with scouts at the Gamboa train station.

  • Eddie Conn

    The foto was taken from the Rodman Naval Station at the Pacific entrance of the Panama Canal on the West Bank. In the background, the hill on the left is Ancon Hill and the one on the right is Sosa Hill. There are no Boy Scouts in uniform. The uniformed personnel are the military scout leaders.

  • Robert Dillon

    I notice in the Gamboa picture, that all the kids appear to have comic books. Was there a comic book/magazine stand at the Gamboa Train Station like there was at Balboa? I remember it was a regular thing to go by and buy comics from Tony’s stand along with some bubble gum and a soda. Certainly every time you got there to wait for the train. Haven’t thought about that for a while. Waiting for the train with a new comic and an ice cold coke. The doors and windows on the stand would open out with comics and magazines tucked into vertical slots, comics in the door and magazines in the windows. (and the dirty magazines where hidden behind the counter, so if anything, you could only see the magazine name at the top, wink wink). This would be after they moved it from the little building out front, onto the platform under the main roof.

  • Carl N Berg of Cocoli

    My amigo Eddie Conn is correct: the top and bottom photos were taken at Rodman NavSta, maybe at the point in the road adjacent to the filling station, just before the right hand curve turning uphill toward the Chiefs’ Club, the CPO Club, on the right or hillside of the road. Possibly the building at the top of the hill is the CPO Club, which was set back a good distance from the blacktop road below. The large hill between the Rodman housing area and the Canal, by the way, was called Cerro San Juan. The man in full uniform appears to be an Army man, as his soft cover (cap) does not look quite like the same worn by a Marine. In the top photo,the boy on the far right might be Billy Jenkins, and the smaller boy with glasses and white t-shirt next to him might be Freddie Walker, both of Cocoli. The boys in the top photo appear to be the same ones in the bottom photo.

  • Diane Sparks French

    When I was eight I joined the Brownie Troop in Margarita with Mrs. Rainy being our troop leader. Then I moved to Los Rios at nine years old joining the Girl Scout troop in Diablo. It was located beside the Elementary school. I had a lot of fun going on outings. The one I remember the most is when we went to spend the day at K-9 and my mother drove some of there and stayed to help. I remember the day like yesterday as we had so much fun. A snake in the water and then it was very cold. Cooking our lunch over the fire hot dogs, hamburgers and bake beans.. Remember the lunch was so good!!!! It was fun watching the adults especially my mother trying to climb up the muddy grassy hill when we left to go home.
    At Christmas we got to ride in Santa’s sled caroling around different towns. It made Christmas for met.
    Then were the slumber parties we had at the Diablo Elementary gym. They were so much fun. The boys our age from Diablo would come and try to scare us. i think the scout leaders also had fun!!!!! We had a lot of fun with crafts and then trying to make badges.
    When I started high school is when I quit scouting. I did go one time with the Sea Scouts as a date with one of the boys to Tobago Island to go water ski. They were a very active troop going on outings a lot.
    When becoming a mother I was a Club Scout leader in Margarita for young boys. My son Johnny was in the troop, I lost two of the boys as they drowned with their dad in a boat going to Toboago Island. Had a lot of fun with this group of boys.
    My daughter also joined a Brownie group when she was young in Margarita. I think scouting was a big part of the Zonian’s children who lived there. It give us something to do that was a lot of fun and our leaders were great adults who enjoyed giving to the community.

  • Roberta Hollander Williamson-Musco

    I have a book on notebook paper typed by my father, Charles S. Hollander, who wrote about Scouting in the post construction days – he was Assistant Scoutmaster in Balboa and I have his membership card dated July of 1918.

    I was a Mariner Girl Scout from 1945 to 1950, when I graduated from Balboa High, and represented the Canal Zone at the Western Hemisphere Camp in Muskegon, Michigan the summer of 1949 along with a Girl Scout from the Atlantic Side, Yvonne Harvey. I have a program from the Silver Tea held by the then Governor’s wife to raise funds for us to go. Also, the scrapbook of the encampment there in Michigan.

    Somewhere in my stuff there may be a copy of the Hansel and Gretel operetta put on by CZ Girls Scouts with picture of my younger sister, Rosemary, and she and I both were the cookie witch. Probably in 1949.

    Al;so have a photo of me, dressed as a Mariner Girl Scout, saying the Gettsburg Address at sea in a yacht which was traditional event on Memorial Day. Our Mariner uniforms were blue with middy caps. Wish I had kept mine.

    Would appreciate a response. Home phone is (321) 268-1301 in Titusville, FLorida. May attend the reunion of the Panama Canal Society one Saturday this summer, in early July when I understand from the Panama Canal Record there will be a Scouting exhibit.

    Roberta Adele Hollander, born at Gorgas Hospital, Ancon,Panama Canal Zone, July 18,1932, Balboa High Class of 1950 and now Roberta “Bert” Williamson-Musco, 1108 Titus Avenue, Titusville, Fl 32796. Have a grandson, Phillip Cunio, who graduated from U of Fl with aeronautical degrees, plus PhD from MIT and his wife, Talitha Gebert also U of F grad. Another grandson.Jshua Cunio, also U of F grad. My (deceased husband) Marcus N. Williamson, earned his MAT in Foreign Languages in 1963 from U of F.

    Am a member of the Panama Canal Society Museum at U of F.

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