Campfire Tales from Co-Curators

Hello Co-Curators!

It’s time to gather ’round the campfire!

We still need to collect some additional stories for the scouting exhibit, which will be installed very soon.  We have lots of wonderful objects, including this coffee cup & tablespoon with rope attachment from Boy Scouts SE 438 (Gift of Richard & Lila Cheville).

2016-02-01 12.32.04

2016-02-01 12.33.01

We want to use objects like these form the collection to illustrate the stories of YOUR experiences as scouts in the Canal Zone.

So put another marshmallow on the fire, and tell us…

  • What is your favorite memory of a Boy Scout / Girl Scout camping trip?
  • Did you (or someone you know) ever use a cup like this while you were camping?
  • Did something scary ever happen on a camping trip?
  • What is the funniest thing that ever happened while you were camping as a scout?

Please share ANY memory you have of your scouts camping trips– it may be featured as an exhibit label!


  • Malcolm Stone

    My life in Panama Canal Zone was fun and I became a cub scout, boy scout, explore scout and sea scout. It was all for fun and I had desire to earn badges. When I was an explorer scout we went out to Barro Colorado island to cut heavy brush and create trail. The brush was tough, our machetes would not stay sharp. All the nights we spent in jungle hammocks right after cooking our dinners. My hammock overturned, the rains made me wet I found being an explorer scout was not fun. On our day out of the jungles we caught a very large land turtle and with the permission of the doctor in charge we took turtle off the island by a launch, got him in the baggage car, We boarded the Panama railroad train and went back home to Atlantic side. We retrieved the turtle and ultimately placed the turtle in an enclosed grass patio that was enclosed in Cristobal High School. I have never heard how long the turtle survived. My four days on the on Barro Colorado told me that being an explorer scout was not fun, so I left the explorer scouts and be came a sea scout.

  • Andy

    That tablespoon is actually a government issue spoon. It is issued to US military personnel. We used them on our camping trips. I think we got them from a military surplus store.


    • ufpcmcollection

      Hi Diane,
      Would you mind sharing something memorable about one of those day trips? Where did you go and what did you do? What did you enjoy (or not enjoy) about scout trips? We would love to include your stories as part of the exhibit!

  • Allison (Deakins) Blackstone

    My Mom (Susan Deakins) was a Girl Scout in the Canal Zone back in the 60’s – and I have some great pictures of her in uniform. I was a Brownie – and still have my mug from my Camp Caribbean stay which I’m happy to donate to the exhibit. I don’t have great memories to share – it was my first time away from home – and I was miserable. 🙂

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