Can you identify these street views?

Hello, PCMC members! Below are two images of unknown street scenes in the Canal Zone. Can you tell us where they are from, along with any other information about these places? If you can guess the general period they belong to, that would be helpful as well!

street scenes1
Image 1
street scenes2
Image 2


  • Allan Hawkins V.

    Image numbe one is Av. Central and Calle 16 Santa Ana. Number two is Calle A and 4h. July Av, Bradys bar and the limit between El Chorrillo.

  • Fred Sill

    As a follow-up to Alan’s comment….one can see that both the photos were taken prior to 1943, when “right hand driving” was put into effect. The guy across the street from Brady’s Bar, in khakis, and pith helmet, looks like a C.Z. policeman. The high grass on the left side of 4th of July Avenue (the Canal Zone side) indicates the picture was taken during the rainy season.

  • Chale Rodgers

    Both pictures were taken in the 1930´s.

    The first image was taken from the “Avenida Central – Via España” and upon entering the street in the photo, you have immediately to the left “Calle 16 Oeste”, and at the end, the road splits as “Calle 17 Oeste” to the left, and ” Calle 1″ to the right. In the corner where the “Motta” store used to be, there exists now the “Hotel Económico”.

    The second image is the old Tom Brady´s building in “El Chorrillo”, that stood between the old 4th of July street (next called the Kennedy Avenue and today, the Avenida de los Mártires) in the Canal Zone, and to the right the small “Calle B” in Panama´s “El Chorrillo”.

  • Janice

    To be precise, both buildings were in the Republic of Panama, not the Canal Zone. Trolley tracks remained for years after the trolley demise & switch to right-hand driving.
    I shopped at Mottas, and recall the front did not squarely face Ave Central but was on an angle so the left-side was Central, and I thought it was Avenida “K,” which driving in the opposite direction of cars in the photo, one arrived at 4th of July Avenue.

    • Bob Dillon

      Yes, one can clearly see the “Berlin Wall” of Panama which kept the oppressed Panamanians from entering the Canal Zone. Next to the Wall you can clearly see Wonder Woman’s airplane, 3 ghosts and a camouflaged alien. Ironic that Panama, to this day, has not removed that border wall after making such an uproar. One might think that the wall never existed and was some sort of scam to gain underserved sympathy. Go figure.

      • Bob Dillon

        Please forgive my rant, I gag every time I read the Wikipedia page on the 1964 riots. It was interesting to see my own entry on that Wiki page, quoted verbatim in a Guardian article. You can actually make your own history, doesn’t have to be true. My entry there merely pointed out the irony of the Spanish colonists, deriding the Zonians as being colonists, apparently a loathsome attribute..

  • Robert Raymond Dixon gordon

    I certainly cannot identify both areas where those pictures were taken, but I admire how they kept the place clean.

  • Janice

    PS. In addition to streets being in the Canal Zone (not Republic of Panama), vehicles show that driving is on the Left, which changed to the Right in 1943.

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