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The New Cocolí Dictionary, compiled by Carl N. Berg and Patricia D. Propst, presents the most common definition or understanding of names, words, and phrases that were familiar during the American Era of the Panama Canal and Canal Zone. These definitions include English, Spanish, and French words.

The original focus of the dictionary was the townsite of Cocolí, and it was expanded in August 2015 to include the greater Canal Zone. The scope of the geographic and date span coverage was expanded significantly in subsequent revisions, culminating in this 2017 edition: http://ufdc.ufl.edu/AA00061372/00001

You can suggest new terms or contribute new information by commenting on this post. Thank you!

A map of the Atlantic Side of the Panama Canal, included at the beginning of the New Cocolí Dictionary.


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  • Carl N. Berg of Cocoli

    We welcome all readers. Your careful review of the Preface is necessary. It explains the exact purpose of our work. We look to your objective comments, primarily concerning the text, that is, the words and definitions. If you suggest a new word, a change to a word, a broader definition to a word, etc., please be very specific. General comments, favorable or unfavorable, are of course also welcome. We believe the dictionary will be richer from your contribution. If you wish to send an e-mail to the authors, our e-mail address is: CarlNBerg@aol.com…Sincerely, Carl N. Berg (BHS 1960) and Pat Dempsey Propst (BHS 1960).

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