From the Stacks: Queen Lois I

We have a multitude of photographs of Queen Lois I in the collection, including some of her pictured with her court, thanks to donations from the¬†Katya De LaMatier Collection. Lois was crowned Carnival Queen in 1941. A program details the schedule for Lois’s coronation ceremony, which included many musical performances. The program also lists the “princesses” in Lois’s court.


Did you attend Queen Lois’s Coronation Ceremonies? Did you ever personally know someone who was crowned Carnival Queen? What are some of your favorite memories from Carnival in the Canal Zone?

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  • Arline S. Winerman

    Lois was my first cousin – I was so proud to receive this email about her. I knew her in the Panama Canal Zone – where we both lived. I am also in touch with her daughter – Katya – who still lives in Panama.

    Those were exciting days.

    Thanks – Arline Schmidt Winerman
    St. Pete, FL
    727 551-0062


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