Relocation of the P.R.R., 1910

The full title of this government photograph readsĀ Relocation P.R.R. – The Quebrancho Bottom, looking South. This embankment will be 1700 feet long and contain 800,000 cubic yards. June 1910.


The Panama Railroad was intricately tied to Canal construction efforts, and many great photographs of the railroad and associated equipment in use document this history. We would love to hear any thoughts or information pertaining to the track relocation as seen here, or to the use of the railroad and other parts of this interesting history.


Celebrating 160 Years of the Panama Railroad (1855-2015)


  • Robert Raymond dixon Gordon

    I would certainly mention that after the canal was turned over to the panamanian administration, the railroad tracks were totally refurbished, by the now, so-called Panama railroad company. and it’s main porpouse is for the use of containers to be haulded back & fourth from the atlantic side. At that time I patrolled the east side of the canal while at the Canal Protection Div, and I observed most of this activity. Originally, they received it in perfect condition.

  • Lance Terrell

    The present railroad is not called the “Panama railroad company”. It is called the Panama Canal Railway (PCRy) and it has absolutely no historical or genealogical connection with the former U.S.-owned PRR. The PCRy is a private enterprise and extension of the Kansas City Southern railroad system.

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