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Volunteer Spotlight: Casey Wooster

Casey is a fabulous volunteer who has been working with the collection since Spring/Summer 2013.  She interned with us this summer, for course credit, and spent time digitizing and creating records for a small collection of stereograph cards.  Casey is very talented with technology and helps us with much of our digital work (especially imaging) and she has also taken over much of the work on this blog!  Casey is also a very gifted artist and photographer, whose work has been featured in campus galleries!

Thank you, Casey for all of your hard work on the PCM Collection!


Creative Photography and Anthropology

What made you want to volunteer with the Panama Canal Museum Collection?

I was initially interested in digitization process of the stereograph collection within the Panama Canal Museum Collection.

What has been the most interesting part of working with the collection so far?

I have found that participating in the object of the day on the Panama Canal Museum Collection At UF blog has been the most interesting for me so far. Being able to go through the collection and share objects with people who are eager to give feedback and information about the collection is exciting.

How do you think you might benefit from working with the PCM collection?

As a student studying in both photography and anthropology, I am learning how to apply my education from both fields while learning new skills in handling and digitizing collections like the Panama Canal Museum Collection.

Casey Wooster
Casey, selecting new items to feature on the blog!

What is your favorite museum and why?

Currently my favorite museum is the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History with its vast range of interesting objects and history all in one location. It is so easy to get lost in all the exhibits they offer.

Tell us a fun / interesting fact about yourself!

Even though I am working with the Panama Canal Museum Collection, I have never been to Panama.


  • Joe Wood

    Thanks, Casey, for all the work you have done for the Panama Canal Museum Collection. You’ll just have to put on your bucket list a visit to Panama someday so you can see firsthand some of the places you have seen and read about while working on the collection.

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