Welcome to the neighborhood!

Who We Are

When the Panama Canal Museum in Seminole, Florida, closed in 2012, its members graciously transferred their entire collection to the University of Florida.  As we, at the University of Florida’s George A. Smathers Libraries, have been processing the collection, we feel as if we have come to know the people who lived and worked in the Canal Zone through your photographs, yearbooks, artworks, memorabilia and more.  This is your place to track the progress of the collection and help us add important information to objects that are lacking in context.

How You Can Help

The collection is a very personal one, documenting life and work in the Panama Canal Zone, so we are relying on you to help us fill in the gaps of information in the collection.  We are located in Gainesville, Florida, and we know that people with a connection to the Panama Canal are scattered all over the world.  So welcome to the digital neighborhood, where everyone who is passionate about  the Panama Canal can work together on this exciting undertaking of processing the PCM collection and recording and preserving the Canal’s history!

Click on the blog tab at the top right of this page to visit the blog and see updates about the collection, as well as objects that are in need of additional information.  If you know something about an object, or can answer one of the questions we have posted, please share your knowledge in the comments section under each post!

Your Collection Connection

This is also a space to have discussions, make connections, and share information and memories  with other folks who have a link to the Canal Zone.  Just as we are excited for all of you to share your unique Canal Zone knowledge with us, we hope that we may share with you as well. Please use the contact tab or the comments section of any post to reach out with questions about the project, requests for types of objects you would like to see featured here, or if you are interested in being a guest blogger.