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    Coco Solo, birthplace of the late Senator John McCain

    Today, in honor of the late Sen. John McCain’s funeral services, we’re sharing some photos of Coco Solo from our collections. Sen. McCain was born in the United States Navy submarine base and naval air station on August 29, 1936 to the naval officer John S. “Jack” McCain Jr. and Roberta (Wright) McCain. His grandfather, John S. “Slew” McCain, was the base commander at Coco Solo when Sen. McCain was born. The McCain family is well known for their military history. Sen. McCain’s father and grandfather were the first father and son in Navy history to become full admirals. Sen. McCain graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1958 and became a naval aviator.…

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    An Afternoon with Queen Elizabeth II

    We find the coolest things while reprocessing the collections! Here is an invitation from the Governor of the Canal Zone for a reception with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh in November 1953. Inside the envelope there is also a sheet of “protocol notes” which explain how one should act and speak in the presence of the Queen. We transcribed these protocol notes: _____ November 25, 1953 PROTOCOL NOTES The following information may be of interest to guests invited to the reception for Queen Elizabeth II at the Governor’s Residence. a. The Queen is addressed as “Your Majesty.” During a conversation the term “Madam” is appropriate. b.…