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    Canal Zone Clubs

    The collection includes many photographs of the variety of clubs in the Canal Zone. What clubs were you part of and what are your favorite memories from that time? What niche clubs do you remember that we may not have records of in the collection? The photographs below have various amounts of metadata. Please read the captions to help us fill in the missing information! Pedro Miguel Boat Club, undated. Can you identify the people in this photograph? Pacific Sail Fish Club, Balboa Yacht Club, 1939. Can you identify anyone in this photograph? Click on the photograph to enlarge it. Jungle Crews, undated. Do you know what the Jungle Crews…

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    Growing Up in the Canal Zone

    One of the strengths of the Panama Canal Museum Collection is its large number of personal photographs depicting everyday life in the Canal Zone, such as the ones shown below. What do you remember most about your childhood in the Canal Zone? Who were your childhood friends and what activities did you do with them? Where were your favorite places to go? Unidentified group of women and children with dolls, 1930s. R. Z. Kirkpatrick and Ralph Hamilton K. called “Kirk,” undated. Gladys Brathwaite and Ida May Gilbert, 1915 or 1916.