Can You Identify This Group?

group1We need your help gathering information about this photograph! Our records label it “Unknown CZ lodge or organization – early 1900’s Members Picnic.” Can you identify this group of men or their location?

Clicking on the photograph will open it in a new tab, allowing you to zoom in.

group2Photograph detail showing men’s sashes with various symbols.

KIC Image 0004                   Photograph detail showing flag or banner.


  • bkarrer2013

    Boy, this is interesting. I have never seen symbols like this in a CZ photo. If you know the name of the donor you may be able to learn if he/she can ID the relative in the photo.. if we can get his name then go to the various tomes with names & pix of members Some of your references will have good lists and if you can give me a name I can check mine to see if they have anything. So, if you let me know the name of the family there is some chance we can perhaps come up with a group to which he belonged. Sure does not look like Masonic group & I am certain it is not of Society of the Chagres group. The town in the background is a major one it would seem with single family housing up on the ridge line… so it is more likely than not to be Culebra, Empire or Gorgona and not San Pablo or flat lands towns. Bob Karrer

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