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    In her memoir, Canal Zone Daughter, Judy Haisten describes her childhood memories of exploiting movie theater seats for their “steelies”:   “Broken seats were common because of the ‘steelies’ – steel ball-bearings that would come out of the seat mechanism if you knew how to get one. The steelie was a hot commodity. We played marbles every day at school and nothing, I mean nothing, beat having a steelie in a marble collection. …The best way to get a steelie was from a movie-theater seat. First you had to find an unbroken seat. Next, you had to bounce hard in the seat, over and over, just right until the seat…

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    We’ve Been Under Construction

    Bucket dredge barge working on the Culebra Cut, 1910. You may have noticed the PCMC Blog has been silent for the past couple months. During that time, we’ve been under construction getting a new look. The blog’s new layout allows for easy navigation and searching and is more mobile-friendly than the previous version. All blog posts and comments from the previous version have been transferred over. Commenting on posts is just as easy as before – simply type your name, email, and comment and click “post comment.” The blog’s URL has changed from ufpcmcollection.wordpress.com to pcmc.domains.uflib.ufl.edu. While the old URL will automatically redirect to the new site for at least…