Happy Thanksgiving from PCMC!

Happy Thanksgiving, PCMC members! We hope you are enjoying this holiday with food, family, and friends. To celebrate, here is a menu for Thanksgiving in 1966 aboard the S.S. Cristobal. The menu features American classics like roasted turkey and cranberry sauce, as well as regionally influenced dishes such as “Caribbean style” baked ham and some dishes that we found peculiar– like green turtle soup!



Did you ever have a holiday dinner on a cruise ship while living in the Canal Zone? What were your Thanksgiving traditions in the Canal Zone? Have any of those traditions continued since moving away from the Canal Zone?

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  • Pam Maedl Gutowski

    My earliest memories of Thanksgiving were at Cristobal High School when it was located in New Cristobal in the 1950’s. While many of our grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, were celebrating in the States, we celebrated with the families of all the CHS teachers! My dad, Carl Maedl, at that time was a biology teacher and my mom, Alphild (Petie) Maedl, was a substitute, and later, an English teacher. For Thanksgiving, everyone would bring dishes to share while Ms. McLimons, the home ec teacher, would cook up several turkeys. We would all gather to eat in the cafeteria. For us kids, though, before and after dinner meant playing hide and go seek in the old high school, along the hallways and lockers. Later, Mr. Palumbo would open up the gym! Many fond memories of this time, trying out all the equipment!

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