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    Hitting the Open Road

    While this collection extensively covers the Panama Railroad, we also have a number of photographs of cars and buses. What do you remember about this form of transportation in the Canal Zone and Panama? Did you own your own car? Did you ride chivas or other public buses? What do you remember about the Pan-American Highway or other roads in the Canal Zone or Panama? Below are photographs of automobiles from the collection – do you recognize anyone in these photos? Two boys posing on an automobile outside of Cristobal High School, 1935. Men outside a chiva at a farmer’s market, 1939. A car on Gaillard Highway near Miraflores, undated.

  • Stories from The Zone

    Nature in the Zone

    In our recent oral history interviews, many participants have noted the natural beauty of the Canal Zone and Panama, remarking on how special it was to grow up in a “tropical paradise.” What do you remember most about Panama’s natural landscape? Did you often travel in Panama to experience different scenery? What were your favorite natural sites or features of the environment? Frank Hill emphasizing the size of a tree, undated. Woman seated under a banana tree looking at a fawn, undated. Back of photograph reads, “Teresa (Hanson) Roseth (Rossetti?) – another excursion into the interior of Panama with friends. A very frequent occurrence, 1920s.”