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    The Art of the PCMC

    In addition to documents, photographs, and artifacts, we have a collection of art here at the PCMC. Please enjoy these Canal Zone scenes by Al Sprague, Jerry Fields, and B. Sturtevant Gardner.   Al Sprague, selections from The Panama Canal: A Profile in Paintings series, 1974   Jerry Fields, “4th of July Ave.” print, 1978   B. Sturtevant Gardner, detail of “Roosevelt Avenue, Balboa C.Z.” painting

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    Behind the Scenes: A Day at the PCMC

    On any given weekday, work is being done at the PCMC to ensure the collection is well organized, well housed, and easily navigable. Here is a taste of a typical day at the PCMC: Betsy is pictured going through archival documents, organizing them by theme and material. Documents, pamphlets, letters, and more are stored in the gray archival boxes temporarily lining the room. Georgia and Marygrace pose with their favorite artifacts in an additional storage room. Their current project is to organize PCMC artifacts by theme and material and catalogue their locations in a spreadsheet for easy accessibility. Finally, I (Summer) am currently cataloguing stamps we have in the collection…

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    From the Stacks: Pilot “Autograph” Books

    We have multiple personalized “autograph” books in the collection, originally owned by Canal Pilots. These books are full of the stamps of ships that passed through the Panama Canal, as well as the ship captains’ signatures. These autograph books belonged to Robert R. Will and Jack R. Ward. Do you know anything about this type of book? Is this common practice in canals, or unique to the Panama Canal? Was the collecting of autographs in lieu of or in addition to receiving the traditional coffee cups from ship captains?

  • News and Updates

    A Well-Used Collection

    This semester, three courses at the University of Florida are utilizing the Panama Canal Museum Collection in their curricula, exposing both graduate and undergraduate students to various portions of Canal Zone history. Professor Lourdes Santamaría-Wheeler is teaching an exhibits course in the Museum Studies department in which graduate students work in small groups to produce museum exhibits. One of the groups has been assigned to curate an upcoming exhibit for the Albert H. Nahmad Panama Canal Gallery. Their exhibit focuses on World War II in the Canal Zone, displaying artifacts such as wartime propaganda and personal photographs. Professor Benjamin E. Wise is teaching a course focusing on David McCullough’s The…