Can I visit the museum?

Yes! Though the Panama Canal Museum in Seminole, FL closed in 2012 and transferred its collection to the University of Florida’s George A. Smathers Libraries in Gainesville, FL, the library has dedicated a large exhibit space to display the collection. The exhibit is located on the first floor of the Department of Special & Area Studies Collections in the Albert H. Nahmad Panama Canal Gallery, 1508 Union Road, Gainesville, FL 32611-7005. Come see the current exhibit, Between Two Oceans, encompassing the American Era in the Zone.

The exhibit space operates under the University of Florida’s schedule, so if you are planning a visit please call ahead to be sure the building is open, (352) 273-2755. Exhibits will change on a yearly basis, so there may be a few weeks when the hall is closed as we transition the objects within the cases. At the library, the museum objects function as a research collection.  This means that students, faculty, and other researchers can access them for study.  

Do I need to create a WordPress account?

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How can I comment on a blog post?

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After entering your comment, enter your email and name.  Then click "Post Comment"
After entering your comment, enter your email and name. Then click “Post Comment”
What happens to the comments I make on blog posts?

The information you provide in the comments section of each post helps us create more complete records of the objects in our collection.  Some of that information is then transcribed by a specially trained student volunteer into the collection’s database system, where it can be found and used by researchers.

Are there guidelines for commenting on blog posts?

Yes.  We observe a set of general rules for respectful civil discourse based on those used by The Library of Congress.

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Enter your email address and click "Follow" to receive an email each time a new blog post is added.
Enter your email address and click “Follow” to receive an email each time a new blog post is added.
How can I see objects from the collection?

Follow the blog!  We are constantly digitizing new objects to add to UF’s Digital Library Collection and we share many of them in this blog space.


What are you doing with the PCM Collection now that it’s at the library?

Every day, we are processing the collection and preparing it for long-term storage and use as a research collection.  This process involves unpacking boxes of objects, repacking them into archival materials, numbering objects, updating their records, digitizing some items, creating records for newly gifted objects, sewing labels onto 1500 molas, researching objects to better identify them in the database, organizing collections areas, and many other things.  If you have a specific question about the project, please contact us and we can make a blog post about it!

Can I donate an object to the collection?

Yes.  UF is very lucky to have received such a large and comprehensive collection from the PCM.  To avoid duplication, please contact John Nemmers with a detailed description and photographs of the objects you wish to donate on the contact page, or at special@uflib.ufl.edu.